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Stressed and anxious about Covid-19, jobs, bills, health, family? Losing mobility, range of motion and flexibility while not working?  Dealing with chronic pain?  Looking for a natural way to help you sleep or do you need some time for self care?

What can you expect from yoga instruction?

Let us begin by letting go of the day, or anything that doesn't serve you, or to help you connect with the earth, or yourself.  Grounding and centering....

Gentle movement tailored and modified to your needs, abilities and environment.

I will incorporate some pranayama (breathing techniques with various specific uses), and meditative techniques to learn how to slow the chatter in our minds thereby increasing your sense of calm and focus.

Completing our time together in Savasana...a period of time after practicing, to cool down, to rest.  Letting our cells, muscle memory and the inner workings of our brains and bodies to absorb and process anything at all that may have come up, consciously or otherwise.

What can I offer you?

I will bring all equipment, yoga mats, props accessories that may be used (*for private or small group classes only).

A safe, nonjudgmental and encouraging experience.

A gentle class.  Especially good for those who may be new to yoga or fitness.  Those with chronic illnesses or injuries.  Seniors.

A teacher who is also always a student herself.